Sample Projects

Sample projects include...

Ecommerce - Purchasing services / solutions

Working for small, medium and large organizations. This work generally involves a multi-stage process culminating with the choice of one or more professional services vendors. The final contracts typically range from $25,000 to $5MM. Stages of these engagements include overall business assessment, options generation, recommendation, vendor discovery, RFP generation, vetting proposals and driving consensus to choose the best vendor. Contract negotiation is also an option for some clients. Deliverables — presentations, detailed written analysis and comprehensive business models — are provided to a wide client audience.

  • Range of Services: Ecommerce services include a full range. At the low end of the spectrum is a small, targeted implementation or rapid prototype. An example of this might be a store locator subsystem / widget that was retrofitted into the existing web site. At the high end of services, and by far the most typical engagement, is a complete replacement of the existing ecommerce solution. Each engagement generally progresses through distinct stages and deliverables.
  • Example 1: Large shoe discounter with nearly 4,500 stores began with an assessment of their current ecommerce solution to determine if the foundation was aligned with their business mission. It was determined that not only was the foundation – both ecommerce and order management – insufficient to support their long term growth plans but that they were under serving their target customer base. A comprehensive assessment was provided along with a detailed set of go-forward requirements. These requirements were parlayed into a formal RFP. The entire RFP process, from identifying a target set of vendors through contract negotiation, was undertaken. The contract continued beyond vendor choice with hands on project management of the implementation until the project was shelved due to extenuating circumstances.
  • Example 2: Large gifts purveyor started the project knowing their ecommerce solution could not support their ongoing business. A comprehensive set of requirements were generated and a formal RFP was distributed to select ecommerce solution providers. Objective scoring techniques were employed in order to drive consensus for vendor choice. Some help was provided during contract negotiation.


Working for individual organizations to develop commercialization strategies. This work requires deep understanding of existing business and/or technology in order to provide strategic and tactical guidance. A wide range of deliverables are required that range from general strategic discussions to writing business plans. Individual projects include market assessment, sales & distribution strategy, marketing material generation & review, fund raising assistance and product evaluation.

  • Example 1: Working for a large health-related enterprise looking to bring a new product to market
  • Example 2: Helping a health-related not-for-profit create a new Internet-based initiative to market

Project Management

Working for individual companies managing a particular project. This work involves project initiation & strategy development, managing resources, budget development & tracking and ongoing reporting.

  • Example 1: Helping large apparel retailer implement ecommerce solution
  • Example 2: Helping online retailer re-implement their core technologies

Due Diligence

Working for venture capitalists, institutions and individual investors to assess target companies in terms of technology, market, sales, operations, intellectual property, etc.  This work involves detailed discussions with the company's key leadership and often involves thorough review of internal documentation, first/second hand research and detailed analysis. Comprehensive reports are required along with in-person briefings where the target technology must be put into a business context.

Select Engagement Summaries

  • New Product Generation, part-time 7 months

    A Healthcare services company required a major revision to an existing web-based product. Their current customers were dissatisfied with the product and potential customers required enhancements before they would make commitments. This engagement involved the complete product development life cycle from conceptualization through delivery. Interviews were conducted of various stake holders in order to gather product requirements, several rounds of functional specifications were written, a technology plan/design was generated, external contractors were identified/hired, the team was managed through delivery and test plan was written/conducted. Technologies: standard web technology including Microsoft’s suite of back-end web technologies.
  • Product Research/technology recommendations, part-time 6 months

    A Fortune 500 company with an existing hotel entertainment product needed research performed on the competitive landscape along with possibilities for replacing their current technological solution. The engagement involved assessing the current product features/technology, researching the narrow industry, identifying appropriate technology vendors and evaluating specific products. The delivered work product was specific recommendations on product enhancements, multiple partner recommendations and key technology guidance. Technologies: head end equipment, video servers, networking equipment, set top boxes.
  • Due Diligence, ongoing

    Over 40 complete due diligence assignments have been delivered to a variety of clients. These assignments last anywhere from three days to two weeks, involve direct company/product interactions and result in a comprehensive report. All engagements involve technology evaluation and a majority continue into financial, intellectual property, sales/marketing and management assessments. Industries covered include automotive, beauty, durable medial equipment, electronics manufacturing, energy, financial services, food products, manufacturing, mobile communications, procurement, promotions, security and web services / consulting. A short list of technologies include chemical compounds, electronic security/encryption, fasteners, industrial fibers, information technology, injection molding, knowledge discovery & search, organic LEDs, paint mixing, power generation & backup power, robotics, set top boxes, streaming video, wind power, wireless.
  • Product Management, part-time 4 months

    A Healthcare services company required a new version of an existing web-based product. The current product development staff (technical as well as non-technical) was overwhelmed with urgent work and unable to develop a long term strategy. This engagement involved current product assessment and stake holder interviews in order to generate future product features. The result of this effort was a complete functional specification. Along with design work, this engagement also involved managing development staff and providing technology direction. Technologies: standard web technology including Microsoft’s suite of back-end web technologies.
  • Business Plan Generation, part-time 2 months

    An emerging services company required a business plan in order to apply for funding. This engagement involved assessing the company’s fund raising needs, making specific corporate recommendations and generating a first draft of the business plan.